Free Calls To India From Iphone

There are varying methods of making free calls but most methods are passes though sharing credit card or other sensitive information and many of us dont like it. But today you are going to get real information and using that you can make 100% free calls to India as well as other countries.

A year ago had launched free international calling service but on that time service was limited to only selected countries and due to that some important countries were missing. But now days this service has updated his free calling countries list and freed almost all the countries which also include India.

But before going for service you should aware with the fact that if you register your Indian mobile number then you will not able to make free calls to India.

Get Your Task Rabbit Clone Site On Iphone And Android Using Trabbit App From Apptha

Task posting sites that allow users to outsource their errands that they either dislike to do or find no time to do from their busy schedules is a brilliant working model. The win-win benefit of this service is that the posters who post the chores get it done for low cost and the rabbits that run the tasks get an extra income for running a simple day-to-day chore. Adding the luxury of mobile web access to such a task posting website will undoubtedly enhance the user experience. The Trabbit app from Apptha serves this purpose. Check link: .

This is a native app for the Trabbit clone script. In other words, the genius Trabbit clone script is now mutated to access and use in the iPhone/Android. The task post site owners who developed their site using the Trabbit clone script can now easily give an iPhone/Android app of their task posting site to the smartphone user base. Purchase the app, upload your site logo, configure your site settings and deploy it in the iTunes/Android market. You are now ready to give your site users a native iPhone app / Android app which they can simply download from your site/ from the app market, install and start using the service from anywhere, at anytime.

Key features of the Trabbit Clone App are:
Exquisite home page with site logo, featured rabbits display and easy touch navigation menus to browse through search, profiles, post task, tasks etc.
A unique icon for post tasks and find tasks in the home page allows posters to post task and rabbits to find task instantly even while they are on-the-go.
Post task with elegant task posting touch icons such as City, Deadline task, task confirm date, address, expense and payable amount. The posters can post task entering an appropriate title, description of the task and can even add a private note to the rabbit.
The posters can view rabbit profiles without having to type even a single word.
The posters can rate a rabbit based on their service provided in seconds.
The rabbit can check all tasks, browse through open task, task per city/ categories, view task details including description, deadline time, assigned status, payable amount by the posters etc.
The rabbit can update the task status just in a touch once the task assigned to them is been completed.
The posters and rabbits can send notification about the task details/status.
In short, the app embeds all the utile features the script furnishes.

A Brief Overview of DIRECTV Technology

In the summer of 1994 the launch of DIRECTV has revolutionized the way we watch TV with the broadcast of high quality multi channel satellite TV transmissions in geosynchronous orbit with our earth. DIRECTV was the first satellite TV provider to offer an 18 inch size satellite dish to it viewers across the nation even in rural communities. DIRECTV has taken the United States to new heights in telecommunications and satellite TV entertainment. The satellite TV provider offers the leading quality satellite entertainment across the nation that is way better than the traditional cable TV offerings. For this reason, more and more people are switching to DIRECTV every day.

DIRECTV Technology

DIRECTV uses a small satellite dish for getting satellite transmission signals from any one of its highly powered satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth. Each DIRECTV satellites come with multiple transponders which relay DIRECTV signals from any of the two broadcasting stations of DIRECTV that are situated in Castle Rock, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. These stations receive programming feed from a wide array of content providers who send pre-recorded high-quality content through a number of medias like fiber optic cable, digital tape as well as via satellite. Once these shows have been thoroughly digitalized as well as encrypted they are immediately up-linked for airing.

iPhone Repairs Dos and Donts

If you are experiencing trouble with your current iPhone, there are a number of at home iPhone repair methods you can try. However, keep in mind that there are also some iPhone repair methods you may want to need to completely avoid, as these steps can cause further damage as well as void the warranty. So, before you attempt a do-it-yourself iPhone repair, consider the following:

iPhone Repair Dos

Do: Turn the device off, and then back on. Restarting the iPhone often corrects just about any issue with the software and applications. It is a quick fix, but often one of the most valuable. It is the same as with computers, as restarting a computer generally fixes many performance issues.

Best iPhone 3Gs apps for the workplace and business professionals

Don’t be fooled by its fun nature and stylish looks the iPhone 3Gs is more than capable of holding its own in the workplace, from tracking parcels to making spreadsheets to even organising your time there is an app for just about everything. So here’s a quick rundown of apps that can make your life more easier and fun at work.

1, Pcalc RPN Calculator

First of all let’s start with the basics and it doesn’t get more basic than the need to crunch numbers and this is where Pcalc RPN Calculator comes in. Now I know the iPhone comes with a calculator but when it comes to a hard-core scientific calculator they don’t get much better than this with its multiple undo and redo and unit conversion this bad boy will even give you a two line display if you need it. So when it comes to crunching the big numbers you are ready to go.

Understanding The Nvocc Software

The NVOCC shipping software or otherwise known as the Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Software is a program that aid freight and carrier forwarding business sectors. The program contains numerous features that hold a flurry of benefits for shipping lines and NVOCC operators to shorten the time it takes to accomplish operations, increase overall productivity, and to reduce most, if not all known labor costs.

Handling a shipping business is no easy task to manifest or to manage. There are tons of things to consider and to operate for the business to stay afloat. Many of the complexities of handling a shipping company includes booking and sales, invoicing, handling claims, container tracking, managing disbursements, and tons upon tons of paperwork. Using an NVOCC software will allow said business to streamline each of those processes to lessen out the labor needed to finish tasks. The end result upon acquisition of the software will allow shipping companies and their employees to be more productive and goal oriented.

A good example of an NVOCC shipping software is LIMA. LIMA (or Line Management Software) is a software suite that is optimized by developers to be fitted for companies that involve in deep and short-sea shipping, and NVOCCs. The software is designed to eliminate duplications within the company’s data. Other than this, it also enhances the mode of communication between the company’s staff towards their network of agents. LIMA offers the following benefits to the shipping company:

The comparison among the HTC One and the apple iphone 4S

The HTC One is the incredible innovation from HTC and is a novel flagship gadget which was declared just few days back. The gadget possesses plenty of great and unique features that would naturally attract the attention of users. On the other side there is Apple iphone 4s which is amongst the best selling iphone till now and is very much admire due to its outstanding performance. On comparing the features of both the superb gadgets is quite interesting so let’s see. The HTC gadget is quite cool and a finished handset and is accessible in Black, Red and silver colors.

On the other side the Apple $S is similar to the iphone 4 but is still a cool looking handset in the market. This handset is accessible in white and black options and possesses a circled edged metallic unibody. The HTC gadget is accessible in 32 and 64GB inbuilt storage both of them would offer a great space but it has only one disadvantage that it does not possess the micro SD card support. Whereas the Apple handset comes with 16, 32, 64 GB in built storage but this handset also does not have the micro SD card support. The One jog on the most recent Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and now it is upgraded towards the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

It also has a HTC Sense UI v5 that provides you the exclusive and special feel of HTC. On the hand the Apple handset jogs on iOS6 and according t the company this is the best mobile operating system in the world. You would find a new fangled Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset and is power driven by the 1.7GHz Krait 300 quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. The apple iphone 4s possess Apple A5 chipset and this chipset possess a 1GHz dual core cortex a9 processor along with 512 MB RAM.